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Betterment International Inc.

Our company, established since 1993 in Canada, is an importer & distributor of house ware, giftware and hardware with major businesses in the Canadian market and is rapidly expanding into the US market. Our major clients include prominent chain stores such as Canadian Tire, Sam¡¯s Club, Home Hardware, Rona etc.


To further strengthen the benefits that we can provide, below are a list of innate characteristics BII can bring you.


In the modern selling process, having the ability to rapidly customize and tailor a product is essential to sustain success in the business- to- business and business to consumer markets. To achieve such, we, BII gathers strategic knowledge of the end-customer¡¯s market place to analyze all implications and opportunities for said product/customer combination.


Strategic interpretation of customer organization¡¯s market opportunities and assistance with project evaluation and decision-making are another value aspect we can provide. Moreover, benefits extend beyond products and services, to relationship, continuity, and any assistance to enable improvement for customers, reputation and performance in all respects.



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